Teachers helping teachers respond to the big issues of our time

Join a community of educators that engage their classrooms on pressing global problems.
Exchange lesson plans and activities, get useful resources, discuss everyday challenges in the classroom, and explore pedagogical approaches that can help you engage your students in critical thinking and action. Help and be helped by teachers from around the world, dedicated to make their practice a force for positive change.


Teaching for Critical Action: Empowering Students in Challenging Times

  • Develop culturally responsive curriculum that empowers students in the face of important issues of our time
  • Collaborate in a community of teachers and researchers from around the world
  • Gain meaning and purpose in your teaching, as you provide the same for your students

We are inviting teachers and educational innovators to join a unique professional learning community, organized at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. For five weeks this Summer, participants from around the world will meet online once per week to explore important ideas in Critical Action pedagogy, with the goal of developing new curricula that empower their students in the face of important issues of our time, such as climate anxiety, social justice, economic futures, and career identity. 

CALE Special Interest Groups

Join thematic communities of educators interested in engaging with complex and pressing global issues. In the CALE SIGs, you can meet and exchange ideas with educators that share your interests, and collaborate for positive change. 

Climate Action
Future of cities

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